Deploying Sitecore 9 in AWS RDS

Using RDS to host Sitecore databases can be a good option when you want to deploy Sitecore 9 in AWS. RDS is a database service so you do not need to setup and maintain VMs or SQL Server. However you might run into a few issues when trying to do so, which are related to contained database authentication.

Enabling contained database authentication

Sitecore 9 uses contained database authentication by default. This avoids needing to manage logins outside the database. However this is turned off by default in RDS and trying to enable it through SQL like below will throw an error saying you do not have permission to run the RECONFIGURE statement.

--this will not work in RDS
sp_configure 'contained database authentication', 1;

Instead you will have to go to the database instance’s parameter group and set enable contained database authentication, see screenshot below. The instance might need to be restarted for this change to take effect.

RDS enable contained database authentication

Fix errors with SIF

The Sitecore Installation Framework might throw some errors as well because some of the Sitecore web deploy packages (.scwdp) try to enable contained database authentication through the above SQL code. This can be fixed by:

  1. renaming the package to .zip
  2. unzipping
  3. remove SQL code
  4. zip again, make sure to keep original folder structure
  5. rename to .scwdp and deploy