Habitat Demo Group and Visual Studio 2017

Recently I had the privilege of attending a Sitecore Helix training. I’ve been using Visual Studio 2017 for a while now and had no trouble getting the Habitat solution running, all I had to do was update the buildToolsVersion to 15.0 in the gulp-config.js file and everything worked as expected.

Getting the Demo.Group solution running was a little bit harder. This solution is necessary for these exercises. There is no buildToolsVersion property in the gulp-config.js, instead version 14.0 is hardcoded in the gulpfile.js. I added the property in the gulp-config.js and used this property in the gulpfile.js instead of 14.0.

After this change it got a little further but still was not able to successfully run all the Gulp tasks. This time it gave me this error: “throw new PluginError(constants.PLUGIN_NAME, ‘No MSBuild Version was supplied!’); ” This stackexchange post has the answer to this issue. The Sitecore.Demo.Group solution uses an old version of gulp-msbuild, updating this to version 0.4.4 in the package.json resolved all remaining issues.



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